Telemarketing Services

We at TJIT Services basically work in two main verticals of lead generation:
a. We call through the raw data list and create lead reports and the required intelligence, which are sent to you for the follow-up calls. For these kind of associations, the expected number of the leads based on the list size, passes and services we are calling about is pre-set. Typically, these campaigns are built out and priced by number of passes into the number of contacts in the list.
b. In our Fix a conference call campaign, we set a guaranteed number of leads to be delivered and attempt to set conference calls with every lead we generate. Whenever possible, our Business Development Team sets up the call and facilitates the conference call between your team and the prospect on your behalf. These campaigns are built around a guaranteed lead percentage into a set amount of companies.
To achieve quality of leads, we make sure that our executive follows the standard list of lead qualifying questions and get the right information for the leads. Our team will provide you with a clear understanding of the prospect and their situation by building lead reports about budget, authority, need, and time frame. TJIT Services team is passionate towards providing the best lead generation services which are used to deliver you qualified leads with well-maintained SLAs.